Spider-Man Remastered Modification Adds Daredevil


The modding community got to work when Marvel’s Spider-Man remaster was released on PC in early August of this year. There were mods that turn Spider-Man into a Punisher, mods that turn Spider-Man into CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and even a mod that allows players to play for Uncle Ben’s Tombstone. Now a new mod for the game allows players to replace the web with another popular Marvel character: Daredevil.

The PC port of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered was developed in collaboration between original developer Insomniac Games and another PlayStation-owned studio, Nixxies Software. PC versions of games are usually in great demand among fans because of the ability to modify the game and make it unique every time. While most mods are cosmetic in nature or offer small improvements to the games, some of them can radically change the gaming experience, for example, changing the Skyrim fight to look more like the Elden Ring. Although this new mod allows players to play as a Human without fear in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, it doesn’t offer any significant gameplay changes. However, this is a pretty impressive demonstration of the skills of the modder community.

This new mod, created by user TheRealiceMage on NexusMods, allows players to simply imagine what it’s like to play as a Daredevil in a game like Marvel’s Spider-Man. Of course, since this is just a cosmetic mod, players will still throw webs at enemies and throw webs over skyscrapers in New York as if they were playing Spider-Man. According to the modder, this is the first custom model added to the game, while others, such as the opportunity to play for the famous comic book creator Stan Lee, were alterations of other costumes already present in the game. Players who want to learn how to install mods can contact NexusMods for details.

While in many cases this is the dream of Daredevil fans, it also raises the question: when will we ever see a Daredevil game? Daredevil didn’t have an official appearance in the game, but a collectible business card in Marvel’s Spider-Man had the name of Matt Murdock, the man behind the Daredevil mask. Matt Murdock’s law office can also be found in the Hell’s Kitchen map section of the game.

Perhaps there is a chance that Daredevil will officially appear in Spider-Man 2 along with Miles Morales, Venom and many other big names. It remains to be seen if there will be any big gameplay-altering mods, or what Marvel’s Spider-Man sequel might change or add, so for now, fans will have to enjoy some amazing cosmetic changes and new costumes.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is already available on PC and PS5.


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