Spider-Man: No Return Home Wins Trailer With Dr. Octopus


Spider-Man: No Return Home, During the night of Monday (23), Sony released the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Return Home, the webhead’s next film in the cinematographic universe of Marvel. About 3 minutes long, the preview features Peter Parker facing new threats, including classic movie villains.

The highlight of the trailer is the appearance of Dr. Octopus played by Alfred Molina, actor who gave life to the villain in Spider-Man 2, by Sam Raimi. In addition, the preview also features a pumpkin-shaped grenade with a very familiar laugh, alluding to Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin.

See the subtitled content below — the dubbed version is available here.

In addition to bringing references to old Spider-Man villains in theaters, the trailer shows that Sem Volta Para Casa will also address the developments of the previous webhead film in the universe of Marvel in theaters. Peter Parker’s identity has been revealed, which puts the character and his friends at risk.

The Spider-Man: No Return Home trailer also introduces a new multiverse concept to the MCU. The video indicates that Doctor Strange missed a spell and ended up mixing different realities, which explains the appearance of classic movie villains — and possibly alternative versions of Peter Parker.

Spider-Man: No Return Home is scheduled to premiere on December 16, 2021 in Brazil. The cast includes Tom Holland, as Peter Parker, and Benedict Cumberbatch, bringing Doctor Strange to life. The production also features Zendaya (Mary Jane), Jacob Batalon (Ned) and Marisa Tomei (Tia May).


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