Spider-Man: No Return Home Has Biggest Debut In BR History


Spider-Man: No Return Home: Fans are not to be trifled with Spider-Man: No Return Home. The film, which opened last Thursday (16) in several cinemas around the world, has already managed to break a record and became the biggest premiere of all time in Brazil. Adding the data from the preview (December 15th) and yesterday (16th), there were more than 1.7 million viewers and $6 million at the box office.

The information was released by Comscore, an international media and audience consultancy. Despite the considerable result, it was already imagined that the hero’s new production would have a resounding success.

If only the preview is taken into account, the feature film grossed BRL 14.5 million at the box office and became the biggest debut exhibition since the start of the coronavirus pandemic (in March 2020).

According to Comscore, Spider-Man: No Return Home already completely dominates Brazilian cinemas, being accompanied from afar by the audiences of Encanto, Casa Gucci, Eternos and Clifford: O Gigante Cão Vermelho.