Spider-Man: No Return Home Gets Hilarious Parody in GTA


The release of the 1st trailer for Spider-Man: No Return Home has been one of the main nerdy issues of the past few weeks. The film, which promises to be epic, has even become a meme barn, with jokes about the multiverse and references to other feature films from Amigão da Vizinhança.

And one of the jokes that went viral the most was a “remake” of the trailer using GTA San Andreas as a source. The assembly made by the user called “Guimar” has already reached more than 800 thousand views, 50 thousand likes and 12 thousand comments on Facebook, this Tuesday morning (31).

And that wasn’t the only parody with the movie trailer. Last week, a youtuber recreated the epic scenes of Peter Parker, Doctor Strange and company using the classic 90s cartoon of the hero.

For those who are in the hype, it is important to remember that the long-awaited third film from Sony Pictures with Tom Holland in the main role opens on December 16 in Brazilian cinemas.


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