Spider-Man Miles Morales on PS5, ray tracing appears?


We compared the performance mode and the fidelity mode of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS5. This is how he makes use of ray tracing around the city.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales shows the graphic muscle that we can expect from him once PS5 lands on the market. The new work from Insomniac Games uses ray tracing enhancement in one of its graphics modes, which offers a leap from what is seen in the current generation.

Our editorial coordinator, Francisco Alberto Serrano, leaves us a short video of what we can expect from the show. Ray tracing allows us to reflect the scenery around us in real time with an unrivaled level of detail. Yes, now it is possible to climb a skyscraper and see yourself reflected in the glass. The same goes for explosions, effects … everything has its impact on the reflection.

Miles Morales allows players to select one of two available graphics modes: fidelity and performance. In the first, we will have 4K resolution (2160p) at 30 images per second, a logical sacrifice given the functions that accompany it, such as the already mentioned ray tracing and other accessories that help increase the visual aspect. On the other hand, the performance mode makes the game render at dynamic 4K at 60 fps, yes, without ray tracing and those effects that we said.

Analysis now available

In our analysis we said that the use of ray tracing is “perhaps one of the most notorious and earliest evidence of the kind of possibilities this technique allows”. Among the other improvements that take advantage of the PS5 hardware we can find the loading times, which are practically non-existent at startup and disappeared during the game. You can see the demo in this piece.

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