Spider-Man: Miles Morales: his new first step


Marvel’s Spider-Man was a huge success. The game developed by Insomniac conquered millions of players around the world with an original story that did not depend on any Marvel universe to exist. Now, 2 years later, the developer brings back one of the most popular heroes in the world, but with another identity under the mask, and Peter Parker leaves the scene for the spotlight to turn to Miles Morales.

As many know, it is a stand alone game, which means that it is not an expansion that needs a base game to work or a complete triple A. If we were to compare it with the TV world, it would be like a spin-off, one of those series that come out of another that was very successful, like Better Call Saul is for Breaking Bad or Young Sheldon is for Big Bang Theory; you don’t need to see one to understand the other, but it’s much better if you’ve watched it.

A stand alone is smaller than a complete triple A game, but that does not mean that it is of inferior quality, but that it has less content. If we play Spider-Man: Miles Morales straight, without worrying about side missions and New York activities, it is possible to finish the main story between 8 and 10 hours, doubling if we decide to get the platinum.

The story

Miles Morales does not have an impressive story worthy of great narratives, but he does very well by introducing the newbie to life as the new friend of the neighborhood. Peter does his best to train the boy and make him a hero as good as the older Spidey. But, like Peter when he was younger, Miles sometimes lets his emotions speak louder and ends up making some beginner’s mistakes. However, Peter appears to be a patient master and helps the boy to master his powers.

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After a good fight with Rhino, we know a little more about the enemies that we will face in this new chapter. First, of course, we have Roxxon, an energy company that ends up taking the issue of “safety” of the population too far and letting power go to their heads.

On the other side is Underground, an activist group that despite opposing Roxxon is not a flower to be smelled. They have state-of-the-art technological devices and are led by a dangerous masquerade known as the Thinkerer.

The story revolves around Newform, a clean alternative energy source discovered by Roxxon and which the Underground wants to take over for some reason. We’re not going to get too deep into this so as not to give spoilers for the game.

Outside the environment of villains, there are several important characters that give more depth to the story, such as Miles’ mother, Rio, best friend Phin, best friend Ganke Lee and uncle Aaron Davis, who ends up being a mentor to him.

Of course, we can’t forget about J. Jonah Jameson, who returns with his radio show, let’s say, irreverent, but with one thing that we consider a serious problem: Jonah’s voice actor has changed, and for the worse. Not that the professional did a bad job, but the chosen voice is not about the character; the way he talks to intern Jared, for example, is not as funny as in the 2018 game, which ended up causing us to lose interest in listening to the programs.


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