Spider-Man Miles Morales Gets Patched For Ray Tracing Improvements


Spider-Man: Miles Morales,One of the main PlayStation 5 launch games, Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales already had impressive performance and graphics in its original version, as we pointed out in our review, but what was good got even better with the arrival of a new one. patch!

Insomniac Games revealed the details of the update released today (1) for the PS5 version only. It has a strong focus on “improvements to the reflection system by ray tracing and higher graphic quality in the mode that prioritizes performance with Ray Tracing”.

In addition, some stability fixes and tweaks to the pedestrian blur effects were also applied, solving an old problem that made civilians look rather unsettling as the hero swung around the city at full speed with his webs.

Ray tracing with cutting edge performance!

It’s important to note that, to get the most out of these updates, you shouldn’t play in the mode that prioritizes graphic fidelity, as it remains as beautiful as it ever was, but in the mode in performance mode with higher framerate.

That’s where you’ll see drastic improvements to the reflection system, now running much more stable at 60 fps and with substantially improved lighting effects!

Have you tried this Miles Morales solo adventure? What did you think of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PlayStation 5? Are you planning to install and play this new patch? Let us know in the comments below!