Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Black Lives Matter movement


An alternate suit for Spider-Man and a cutscene pay homage to this movement that emerged in recent months and has affected the industry.

The murder of George Floyd gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement months ago, aimed at fighting racism in general and in the United States in particular, with multiple celebrities joining the support. How could it be otherwise, the world of video games was not impassive in the face of what was happening, with the three hardware manufacturers in the lead, and before which games like FIFA 20 also added details. Recently it has been discovered that one of the great launch games for PS5 such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales also joins this support, especially when its own protagonist is black.

Spider-Man is no stranger to trouble

As can be read in Games Radar, players who have completed various missions to help the citizens of New York, especially in the Harlem neighborhood, have been able to access a black and yellow suit with the name of Uptown Pride. But the thing does not end there, and it is that in the cinematic scene in which we are granted said clothing, a considerable size graffiti appears with the theme of Black Lives Matter.

Precisely, the expected PS5 presentation event was postponed for a week, since on the scheduled date, the BLM movement was at its peak, with major protests organized around the entire North American country. “While we understand that gamers around the world are excited to see PS5 games, we do not believe that now is the time for celebration,” they said from Sony. “We want to take a step back and for other, more important voices to be heard.”

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“We will not stop speaking for what is correct,” they said from Insomniac Games. “We are listening, and we do our part to condemn acts of racism, injustice and intolerance,” they concluded from the study in charge of the game.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales will hit stores on the 12th, a week before it does on the console itself, although it will also be available on PS4.


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