Spider-Man is a full story arc according to Insomniac Game


The narrative director of this standalone expansion promises that Miles Morales: Spider-Man will be a complete experience, having anticipated it.

After having already clarified by active and passive that Miles Morales: Spider-Man will be a standalone title, after the confusion of its announcement during the PS5 Reveal last July, we have to talk about other aspects of this new adventure by Insomniac Games. Thus, after ensuring that they will not have any problem in reaching the technical standards that we expect from the next generation, from the North American study they have talked about what this story will mean with the new Spider-Man, which they say has “ a lot of heart”.

“It’s the entire arc that started with Marvel’s Spider-Man,” said Brian Horton, narrative director for this expansion. “We are really developing the coming of age of this hero. It is a complete story ”. Shortly after the announcement of the game, which as we said before, did not fully explain the model that Miles Morales would follow: Spider-Man, he managed to compare it in some way with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, that is, a kind of parallel story to the main plot for which it would not be necessary to have the base game. Even with everything, Insomniac will remember all those who did not play the original title – which will not be many, given its success in sales – and will offer a remastered version of it.

It was already anticipated in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Already at the end of Marvel’s Spider-Man, where Morales makes a brief appearance, a future protagonism of this character was sensed, and in fact, according to its director, Brian Intihar, they were “paving the way” with that post-credits scene. At the same time, from the study itself, they anticipated that one of the most popular heroes in history still had his way in video games.

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“We knew early on that Marvel’s Spider-Man was going to end up with him (Morales) getting bitten by a spider,” Intihar said. “We would have hinted at it during development, but everyone was of the opinion that it would be best to focus on doing the first game really well, then take care of other things,” he concludes.

“One of the reasons we put him there is because we wanted to convince people that he is now Spider-Man, that we wanted a game with him,” he continues. Shortly after the launch of the game, the purchase of Insomniac by Sony would become official, which was “totally in agreement with the idea.”

Miles Morales: Spider-Man will arrive, if all goes according to plan, later this year on PS5.


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