“Spider-Man” Finally Got a Hallway Fight Scene to Rival Netflix’s “Daredevil.”


Warning! Spoilers Ahead for Amazing Spider-Man #4

In the latest installment of Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker engages in his own epic hallway battle to compete with Daredevil from Netflix. Matt Murdock, who is easily considered one of the most violent and visually exciting brawls in the entire streaming series, destroys an entire team of thugs in a dark corridor and emerges victorious, despite the fact that he was significantly outnumbered and received many blows. Now Spider-Man just got his own version in the comics, which is pretty impressive too.

In previous issues of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker deals with a strange new status quo, the context of which has not yet been fully revealed. What is known is that Peter did something terrible, the consequences of which led to Spider-Man’s separation from Mary Jane Watson and created tension between him and Aunt May. In general, Peter Parker is very lonely and is trying to return some semblance of normality. However, the brewing gang war between crime boss Tombstone and Rose took up most of his time, especially after Tombstone was captured by Wallcrawler, intending to teach Spider-Man a lesson.

Now in the new¬†The Amazing Spider-Man #4 by Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. depicts a battered and bloodied Peter Parker under what Spider-Man considers a Tombstone shelter. Leaving Spider-Man in chains, Tombstone reveals his plan to stage a massacre with his team dressed as Rose’s men. However, Peter is freed by one of Tombstone’s men, who owed Webslinger for saving his life. Severely beaten and a whole crowd of thugs preparing to kill him, causes a fierce battle in the corridor of Spider-Man himself (especially after he ran out of cobwebs).

Believing that he has prevented the mass murder of innocent lives, Spider-Man does not resist. However, it is only until Spider-Man wins and stands over all the broken bodies that he realizes the truth: they are actually Rose’s people. All of this was a huge Tombstone ploy to get Spider-Man to do his dirty work and win the gang war for him. Despite this, Spider-Man struggles and runs along narrow walls against a lot of armed thugs, which is very impressive, completely reminiscent of the Daredevil fight in the corridor.

In any case, the fight in this issue is definitely one of the most epic moments in this new issue of Spider-Man from Marvel Comics. Given all the mystery and lack of context as to why Peter Parker’s life has changed so much, more scenes like this will definitely interest fans until the full picture is eventually revealed. Although it was all part of an ingenious sinister ploy, Spider-Man getting his own Daredevil fight scene in the hallway is incredibly cool.