Spider-Man Fanart — A tribute to EVERY Spider-villain

Former comic book artist and current WB character designer and illustrator Dusty Ebell creates epic fan art featuring everyone’s favorite Spider-Man webmaster and his extensive Rogues Gallery, and Ebel adds a new Marvel comics villain every day for 90 days.
Created to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man and his legendary enemies, this large-scale fan art shows the true breadth of Peter Parker’s villains, highlighting the main and minor antagonists who have influenced Spider-Man over the past 60 years. The poster “Robbers Gallery for the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man” was created in collaboration with Leonard Soriano, who designed the background for the Daily Bugle, and Thomas Yamaoka, who painted and colored this background, creating the perfect plot background for the fan art of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider. – A man and his many, many enemies.
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Dusty Ebell is a talented artist and character designer who has drawn DC comics such as Action Comics and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, and most recently became a recognized animator for Warner Bros. animated films, including Batman: Return of the Caped Crusader, Batman vs. Two—Face and the Young Justice series. Ebel is also known for creating the “Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe”, an homage to the classic Marvel reference books of the 80s. Dusty Ebell began publishing a “Blush Gallery for Spider-Man’s 60th Birthday” on April 21, starting with an empty 1960s Daily Bugle background, and the next day introduced the titular Spider-Man drawn in Abell’s gorgeous animation aesthetic. Since then, Abell has been posting new villains every day, starting with the classic Morbius, a living vampire, and then moving on to others such as Cyclone, Rocket Racer, Scorpion and Sandman. The fan art poster is so great because it really shows how diverse Parker’s antagonists are, from the sometimes anti-heroic Rhino to the terrifying and invariably villainous Carnage. Check out the latest addition below, which adds the ringmaster to the ensemble in the first image and then steps back to reveal the now gigantic crowd of villains in the second.
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The growing work of art, which is almost completely finished, is not only a stunning tribute to Spider—Man and the indelible influence of this character and his antagonists on pop culture, but also to the creators of these iconic characters, whom Ebel assures. highlight in every Instagram post. In particular, one highlighted Rogue will be of increased interest to fans of Spider-Man, since the little-known Spider-villain Spot appears at number 15 out of 93 and will become the main opponent of Miles Morales in the upcoming animated film “Through the Spider”. Verse, part 1. The cohesive look of the Spider-Man Robbers Gallery poster already looks amazing, and Ebel brilliantly uses villains; various powers, abilities and strengths to skillfully place them throughout the work, and since there are only about 2 weeks left before the completion of the project, the final version of the epic poster is just around the corner.
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