Spider-Man: Dakota Johnson In Talks To Play Madame Web


Spider-Man: Sony Pictures is in talks for actress Dakota Johnson to play the character of Madame Web in a solo film. The production will be directed by S.J. Clarkson, who has worked on Succession, Dexter, House, Jessica Jones and others.

The information was released on Thursday (03) by The Hollywood Reporter. According to the outlet, Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless will write the script.

The feature film will be based on the Spider-Man spin-off universe, which already features Venom (2018), Venom: A Time for Carnage (2021), Morbius (March 31, 2022) and Kraven the Hunter, which is being produced and has actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the lead role.

Sony is betting on these productions because of the commercial success mainly of the first Venom movie, which grossed just over $850 million. In addition, the company also worked commercially with Spider-Man: No Return Home, which was released late last year and has already become one of the top 10 grossing films in movie history.

If the deal goes through, Dakota Johnson’s participation would mark the star’s return to blockbusters. She became notable for playing Anastasia Steele/Grey in 50 Shades of Gray and later began to opt for smaller, independent projects.

About Madame Web

Cassandra Webb is a paralyzed, blind mutant who has powers of precognition, astral projection, clairvoyance, telepathy, and others. She first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 210 and was created by Dennis O’Neil and John Romita Jr.

The mediumistic version of Cassandra is called Madame Web. She becomes a kind of mentor to Peter Parker, helping the character make important decisions and fight villains.