Spider-Man: Crunch Avoidance Improved Final Battle Outcome Says CEO


Attention: SPOILERS!!
Spider-Man: The CEO of Insomniac Games revealed that originally Marvel’s Spider-Man’s final fight would be massive, taking place all over New York, but that ultimately the end result was much better than planned. The reason: his team didn’t want to resort to the infamous crunch and looked for another solution to the game’s climax.

In an interview given at the Develop: Brighton conference, Ted Price talked about how thinking about his team’s well-being and what players would really like to see in a Spider-Man game made the hero’s final title battle far more impactful.

According to him, keeping in mind the initial planning, the first impulse is to “lower your head” and find a way to deliver the work. “But our team took a step back and thought about what was important to the players, and [realized that] it was the end of the relationship between Peter and his former mentor, Doctor Octavius,” said the CEO.

Price said his team realized that working overtime, working longer hours and putting more pressure on developers was not the best option, and it was ultimately decided that the game’s climax would be rethought to work not just for his team, but for the players and, of course, for the production schedule. More contained, the end result of the battle between Parker and Octavius ​​ended up generating a situation with much more emotional weight.

In the interview, the CEO appealed to other developers to take more into account what players want, and also to resort less to practices that demand too much from their employees. “Teams need to be allowed to stop and think of better solutions” rather than simply going ahead with the plan “causing potential health problems”.