Spider-Man: Are Tom Holland and Zendaya Dating? See Revealing Photo!


Spider-Man: Recently, Tom Holland and Zendaya, protagonists of the sequel Spider-Man: No Return Home, were spotted together in a very intimate moment — while kissing. Rumors even indicate that the two are dating.

Since the release of the first Marvel Hero movie, many have speculated about a possible romantic involvement between the young actors. By all appearances, a show of public affection like this could indicate that they both want to reveal something about their personal lives right now.

According to information gathered by the international press, the kiss would have taken place in Los Angeles, inside a sports car parked near the area where the actress’ mother lives.

Rumors also ensure that this specific fact demonstrates that the relationship between Tom Holland and Zendaya is long-lasting, as Peter Parker’s interpreter would already have enough intimacy to also get involved with his girlfriend’s parents.

In addition to kissing, the two were also seen having fun with games, smiles and caresses. So far, none of them have used their official social networks or other means of communication to comment on what happened.

Check out some of the photos shared by Twitter:

Learn about the romance between Tom Holland and Zendaya

The Emmy winner for Best Actress for Euphoria had already stated in previous interviews that she and Holland were just good friends. The actor also stated, during the release of Spider-Man: Away from Home, that he was single.

However, all this could have been done just to throw off the curious about her relationship. Many fans of Marvel movies were tuned in to the couple’s intimate life, especially given their undeniable onscreen chemistry. Furthermore, when the images were released, the hero’s name was among the most talked about issues on social media.

Is this all just a marketing ploy? Let’s keep an eye on the facts. And stay tuned! Spider-Man: No Return Home is scheduled to premiere in December 2021.


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