Spider-Man: Andrew Garfield Talks About Returning To Play The Character


Spider-Man: Andrew Garfield spoke about the conditions for returning to play Spider-Man in a possible new film. The star of The Amazing Spider-Man had already commented that he accepted to wear the Webster’s uniform again in No Return Home to tie up his character’s loose ends, a situation that, according to him, may have been resolved, as he revealed he had no more plans to appear in future Spider-Verse projects.

“Without plans, that’s the truth. [But I know that] everyone is going to call me a liar for the rest of my life,” he told Variety during the 2022 SAG Awards ceremony. repeatedly denying rumors that he would be in the film, to keep his return a secret.

However, the actor has not completely discarded the idea, and that everything depends on the development of a certain story. “He IS a character that will always be very important to me. In his stories, Stan Lee has always explored themes like serving the greater good and humanity. So if there’s a way I can continue to add to his legacy, and in a way that can please the audience, I’m open [to come back], of course,” he commented in a past interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“For that to happen, it would have to be something very special, meaningful and fun, just like making Spider-Man: No Homecoming.” In theaters, the Webbreader won a trilogy starring Tobey Maguire in the hands of Sam Raimi, director who will return to the superhero universe in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Shortly after this conclusion, Sony announced The Amazing Spider-Man, a reboot starring Garfield and which featured a single sequel in 2014. After an agreement between Marvel and Sony for the character to integrate the MCU, the choice of Tom Holland was revealed. to live a new incarnation of the “neighborhood friend”.

These different versions are shown to exist in parallel realities in the multiverse, which could pave the way for Garfield’s return in another project.