Spider-Man and his reason for hiring


Many wonder why Iron Man chose Spiderman, there are some more prepared and more experienced superheroes and even with suits ready for action, we will tell you why

In recent months the future of one of the favorite Marvel superheroes: Spider-Man, has been a mystery, because, as you will remember, the lack of an agreement between Marvel and Fox has caused that for a time the “Spider-Man ”Will be left out of the films of the House of Ideas.

Shortly after the situation, it was announced that Tom Holland was going to be able to return to the Marvel Universe to record a third solo film, at the moment there are only theories where no one claims if there will be collaboration with other characters.

In addition, the current global health crisis, caused that many film productions were delayed or even canceled, and for this film, luck did not change, so it was apparently suspended until next year, which will cause the film to be projected until 2022, a long wait for an entertainment great like this superhero.

Although an image has recently been leaked stating that the filming of the film production will resume, next week, we still do not know for sure who will be to bring life to the beloved characters of the story.

Remember that, in the last appearance of Tony Stark in the film, he lost his life to save the universe in which we live, so we can see little Peter Parker suffering for the loss of his mentor.


Which makes us emphasize that, in the tape on tape, “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, Peter Parker is recovering from the death of his teacher, a loss that has marked the young man and that he is sure to have a great influence on your future.

Reason that has launched innumerable assumptions and comments by fanatic users of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, oh, there are many who consider that Spiderman is the worthy successor of Iron Man but, then comes the question “one million” .. . Will it become him?

Although the unknown remains unresolved, we consider it necessary to remember that, the arrival of Spider-Man in “Captain America: Civil War”, made us see that Tony Stark knows even more than we think, already going into details of the film It is clear that he is good at monitoring others and finding out what is happening in the city, and considering the vast amount of information he has at his disposal, he must also know the existence of Daredevil.

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To our happiness, this question does have an answer, and it was given at the time by the writers and producers of the film, so we will tell you everything below.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely spoke about Iron Man’s reasons for choosing Spider-Man over Daredevil: “He’s looked at the world closely and knows about this guy. I think he is somehow motivated by being accused early in the movie of killing a child and he says maybe I can rebuild my karma from something I lost helping this boy, he is there and available, Tony is desperate. ”

During the first part of the film, a woman blames Tony Stark for the death of his son in Sokovia, something that really affects him directly, feeling guilty decides to help Peter, who does not have any type of technology or a fitted suit, something that he can give you with his monetary and technological capabilities.

“He probably sees something of himself in the boy. Remember that when we meet him he is clearly a developing scientist, but he does not have the resources that Tony Stark has, “the writers mentioned.

Also, Spider-Man’s powers go much better with the story and equipment than Daredevil’s fighting abilities, although we’ve seen him on TV in one of the best series of recent times, the vigilante has a more realistic side. than the superheroes of “Civil War.”

On the other hand, it is likely that Matt Murdock did not agree with Tony Stark’s ideas and would find it very difficult to convince him, let’s bear in mind that he is a rebellious and generally lonely character, so we know for sure that Tony Stark would have a difficult task working alongside him.


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