Spider-Man 3: Will Peter be stuck in an alternate reality?


What if Spider-Man fell into the multiverse by accident? We talk to you about our theory.

It’s official ! Filming for Spider-Man 3 has finally begun, with Tom Holland more excited than ever to return to the role of Spider-Man. For now, the only things we know about the plot of the film is that the wizard Doctor Strange will have a role to play, and that the script should leave us completely speechless. The villainous Electro, played by Jamie Foxx, should also be there, and that’s without counting the many rumors attesting to the presence of Eddie Brock and other versions of the web weaver. The most important thing to remember is that all these rumors and information point in one direction: the involvement of the multiverse in the plot of Spider-Man 3.

For now, most theories suggest that the Multiverse will be seen by Spider-Man as a solution to all of his worries. Thanks to the latter, the young hero could thus benefit from the help of Spider-Men from other Earths. In particular those previously interpreted by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. What if it was rather the other way around? What if it was the multiverse that came to Peter Parker? Accidents happen quickly, it’s well known, and especially in the MCU. Unintentionally, Spider-Man could find himself propelled through the multiverse, and thus land in an alternate reality. This is where a first problem could surface: how can he escape from it?

As they say, there is a solution for every problem. In the case of this trip to another Earth, Peter Parker could take it into his head to find Doctor Strange of this unknown reality. The Sorcerer Supreme indeed seems to be the hero knowing the most about time, space and the universe. The teen might think this idea to himself, but it might also be blown to him by another Spider-Man, the one in the reality he’s stuck in. A reality in which Electro could also be present. That would be a good way to reunite Doctor Strange, the villain played by Jamie Foxx, and give audiences the semblance of the Spider-Verse they so want to see in the MCU. Fingers crossed that a first Spider-Man 3 trailer is revealed in 2020 as a recent rumor suggests, so that we have a few more clues about the plot of this new installment.

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