Spider-Man 3: Tom Hardy Suggests Venom Crossover With The Stubborn


Spider-Man 3: A new image shared by Tom Hardy has again suggested that a crossover between Venom and Spider-Man could happen in No Return Home, the third movie theater venture by Tom Holland’s die-hard. Hardy often resorts to social media to post artwork with the characters and, even after erasing the images right away, leaves enough time for fans to imagine that the content might provide clues about the long-awaited encounter.

The most recent case occurred this Wednesday (20), with an art by Venom — with the same look as the movies — trying to feed on a version of the Amigo da Neighbor comics. When considering a post-credits scene from Time of Carnage, which suggests the existence of the two in the same universe, and hidden references throughout the anti-hero’s newest feature – among them, the Daily Clarim logo -, the actor more he once demonstrated his interest in seeing crossover on the big screen.

The new image and its connection to the subject were also discussed by Hardy in a recent interview with Comic Book. “That’s like Spider’s little legs hanging out of Venom’s mouth, isn’t it? [The post is] a wish that I would like to see fulfilled.”

“Of course this is on our minds all the time. I don’t think you can make a Venom story without knowing that Spider-Man [is part and is an essential figure]. He is somewhere. But we all know there’s a wide range of issues [that studios need to consider],” he added.

While it’s unclear whether he already has any information if, or when, Venom and Spider-Man will actually be together on the MCU — through an expansion of the partnership between Marvel and Sony — fans speculate that the diehard’s third film would be a perfect opportunity for that. Even without the studios confirming their intentions for the ideal moment, another possibility points out that Venom could be part of the Sinister Sextet, a group of villains that is beginning to take shape on the MCU.


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