Spider-Man 3: Supposed Photos Reinforce The Presence Of Maguire And Garfield


Spider-Man 3: The week — or the year — is busy for fans eager for the new Spider-Man movie. After the release of the first official poster last Monday (8), it seems that new footage of the film has been leaked onto the internet. Two alleged photos of the film have been circulating on social networks since last night and both, if they are real, bring great revelations of the plot.

First of all, we remind you that it is still unknown if the supposed photos are true. Furthermore, due to the copyright of the film and lack of confirmation, the images will not be posted in the article. However, you can check the description of the leaks below (possible Spider-Man spoilers: No Return Home):

The trio is real!

If the photos really are from the movie, fans can already celebrate! That’s because Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield appear alongside Tom Holland in one of the images. Apparently, the trio is on a raft or boat, and everyone is in their proper uniforms, but no masks.

The second image can bring even more revealing information and even confirm the theory of some fans. In recent months, Tom Holland has said the film must feature a scene involving a “mysterious” character. According to the leaks, the mystery person is Matt Murdock the Daredevil.

In the photo, the hero — who had a series on Netflix — appears seated at a table next to Happy Hogan, Peter and Aunt May.

The photos were “leaked” by John Campea, a journalist famous for sharing exclusive film news. In the post, he asked fans if they thought the images were real or not. Shortly thereafter, Campea deleted the photos, saying the post was “just a joke”. However, Grace Randolph, also known for accurately confirming rumors, claims the images are real.

Spider-Man: No Return Home hits theaters on December 16th.