Spider-Man 3: How To Avoid Spoilers From The Movie?


Spider-Man 3: No Return Home arrives in Brazilian cinemas next Thursday (16) and is already making waves among the hero’s fans. Among countless theories floating around the internet – including the return of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and even Charlie Cox as Daredevil on the MCU – social media has become a ‘minefield’ of possible spoilers.

If you’re part of the team that’s running away from any information about the plot of the new movie, check out some tips to avoid spoilers for Spider-Man 3: No Return Home.

How to avoid Spider-Man 3 spoilers

The simplest way to escape spoilers is to avoid entering social media and the internet as much as possible. However, as we live in a largely connected society, there are methods of getting around spoilers by staying connected. Check here for tips on how to do this on social networks and also using browser extensions.


There are different extensions to help those who want to escape spoilers. One of them is Spoiled for Google Chrome. With it, it is possible to block any content on a page that has the keyword added by the user. In the case of Teioso, for example, just put “Spider-Man”, “Tom Holland”, “Tobey Maguire” or variations that may offer spoilers of the plot.

The Spoiler Protection extension even blocks images and videos on social networks, turning the contents into colorful frames.


On the birdie’s social network you can also register keywords that you want to avoid finding. To do this, simply access the “Settings and privacy” option and search for “Words that were silenced”. Now just add the terms you want to avoid on the network, plus hashtags like #SpiderManNowWayHome.

Instagram and Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s social media does not have a specific tool to block spoilers or keywords. Therefore, it is necessary to follow an ‘alternative’ path. If you have a spoiler-friend who loves dropping that spoiler, it’s possible to mute their posts (on Instagram) or unfollow (on Facebook).

And most importantly, don’t be the person who gives spoilers! So, do you have any other tips to avoid spoilers on social media? Share in the comments!