Spider-Man 3: Fans Claim To Have Seen Daredevil in Movie Trailer


Spider-Man 3: With the return of familiar characters in the new trailer for Spider-Man 3: No Return Home, including the villains of Dr. Octupos and, it seems, the Green Goblin, fans have started to come up with countless theories.

With just over three minutes, the trailer was enough for MCU enthusiasts to find clues about possible new characters in the film. One of them is very dear to fans: Matt Murdock the Daredevil, played by Charlie Cox in the Netflix production.

That’s because a man wearing a white shirt and a black tie — a very worn and even characteristic of the guard at Hell’s Kitchen. In the scene, he throws a stack of documents in front of Peter, in what appears to be a police station room.

In another scene, the man appears in an interrogation room and, according to fans, even the “shadow” silhouette is the same as that of actor Charlie Cox. In addition, the hands were also used for comparison purposes.

actor denies participation

However, it is worth remembering that the actor told the Comic Book in April last year that he would not participate in the feature. “I love the idea of ​​Jessica [Jones] or Matt appearing in the background, or Matt seeing Peter as a lawyer,” he said. “But if the Man Without Fear appears in the film, he certainly won’t be my Daredevil.”


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