“Spider-Man 2” from Marvel: teased all the villains


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 promises to be an exciting game for several reasons. His narration will feature two Spider-Men, and Miles Morales is now a real hero in his own right and helps Peter Parker in protecting New York. The game will also be exclusive to PlayStation 5, which will allow Insomniac Games to take full advantage of Sony’s next-generation console.

While combat additions like Peter’s Iron Spider Legs are also breathtaking, one aspect of the game that fans are particularly excited about is the cast of villains. Judging by the announced trailer, in the main story, two crawlers will fight with a couple of cult villains from the Spider-Man scam gallery. However, given the teasers that were present in the first few games, many more villains are likely to appear in additional content and throughout the narrative of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Venom and Kraven are the main threats

After two post-credits scenes leading up to his debut, it’s no surprise that Venom will be the main antagonist in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. In addition, it can be assumed that Peter will be particularly concerned about this villain, since all signs indicate that Harry Osborne was Venom, and not Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson. Although it is unclear whether Peter will get infected with the Symbiote, emotional quarrels between Spider and Venom are likely.

The other main villain in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be Kraven. While he could be a minor antagonist, such as Mr. Negative, and make up a significant part of the first two acts of the story, he could also be Miles’ main enemy. Assuming Peter is busy with Venom, Kraven could be hunting Miles, considering him a more difficult hunt due to his disguise abilities and Venom Strikes. Since Kraven’s set of moves is very different from Venom’s set of moves, he has to do a unique boss battle.

Ghost, Lizard and Kingpin are minor opponents

Gamers should also remember that Rafe will play a role in the sequel, as the DLC “The City that Never Sleeps” tried its best to turn Yuri Watanabe into an antihero. Although she will most likely argue with Spider about her morals and her decision to kill villains, the two could unite for the common good. Some even suggested that Wraith could be played, which would be a pleasant surprise.

Along with the Ghost, Kingpin and Lizard are likely to appear in side missions. Kurt Connors, also known as the Lizard, appears in a scene after the credits of the movie “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”. Since Peter has already fought him once in the past, his transformation back into a Lizard is not surprising. As for Kingpin, the side missions in Spider-Man: Miles Morales prepared him for his return, and the crime boss threatened Miles’ friends and family. If he somehow manages to escape from the Raft, Miles will face an uphill battle.

Other villains that may appear

While the five villains mentioned above are likely to appear, there are other characters that may appear in the sequel. Taskmaster can return to study Miles Morales, and with the confirmed existence of the Sandman in the Insomniac universe, he can begin an exciting initial battle. Considering that Rafe uses the equipment stolen from Mysterio in the comics, the special effects master could play a role in the game. Since the battle with the boss Mysterio is guaranteed to be spectacular, many would like to see him on the list. Judging by the costumes at the Halloween party organized by Spider-Man and some of Peter’s dialogues, he is also a famous player in the Insomniac universe. Thus, the appearance of Quentin Beck may be just around the corner.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is scheduled for release in 2023 for the PS5.


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