Spider-Man: 10 Memes that Perfectly Reflect Sam Raimi’s Films


Sony has just announced that “Spider-Man: No Home” will return to theaters in the fall of 2022 as an extended feature, giving fans another chance to relive the return of classic versions of the web head. Last year, fans were thrilled to see all three cinematic versions of Spider-Man in one movie, including Tobey Maguire.

Each Spider-Man had its own characteristics, positive and negative sides, and the film trilogy of Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire is known as one of the most “memorable” trilogies due to its hilarious and sharply criticized moments. From “Venom” to a quote from “Pizza Time”—some memes seem to perfectly sum up Sam Raimi’s films.

Kring ‘s Trilogy

One of the widely accepted facts about Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy is that it is overflowing with disgusting moments. From the now famous emo Spider-Man (or Bulliman, as some fans call him) to the poorly constructed Green Goblin costume, the early 2000s were not so kind to Spider-Man.

This meme perfectly summarizes the current reaction to the trilogy. At the moment, it’s hard to love the trilogy without irony because of how many memes and cringing moments it produced without getting some kind of eye roll or negative reaction.

The famous role of J. John Jameson

One of the most iconic comedy characters is J. Jonah Jameson, editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle and Peter Parker’s boss. After Spider-Man’s first appearance in the city, Jameson’s storyline aims to capture Spider-Man and reveal his identity. Although in the comics Jameson has opposed all masked vigilantes, in the movies he mostly opposes Spider-Man.

BECAUSE he didn’t appear in Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man movies, he was hired again for the final installment of Tom Holland’s trilogy. This meme is a reminder of how important he was to the original trilogy and how iconic J.K.’s portrayal of him was.


The third part of Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise introduced the popular comic character Venom to the movie universe. While “Spider-Man 3” has caused most of the trilogy’s backlash, “Spider-Man 3” may not be a bad one. but I just misunderstood.

For example, Spider-Man’s experiments with the Venom suit may not be well received. This meme points out how conveniently Venom’s costume is positioned throughout the movie. Whenever Peter seems to be on edge, the suit is at arm’s length.

MJ is always in danger

Sam Raimi invited two of the most popular Spider-Man women: Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy. However, throughout the trilogy, MJ was Peter Parker’s main love interest. Even in the first movie before they started dating, she seemed to be the focus of Spider-Man’s villains when they tried to threaten him with her.

This particular meme in a humorous way shows how common this image is in films. Whether it’s the Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus, MJ seems to be at the center of Spider-Man’s biggest battles.

Pizza time!

In “Spider-Man 2” in 2004, there were some wonderful moments in which Doctor Octopus appeared and the further development of Peter Parker’s life as a friendly neighbor of Spider-Man. It certainly pushed the limits of its PG-13 rating, which allowed for some tense moments. One funny moment quickly became one of the most iconic quotes in comic book movies: “Pizza Time!”

Here, this meme takes a quote from Avengers: The Finale and cheerfully nods to the most memorable phrase from Sam Raimi’s trilogy. While “Spider-Man 2” may be remembered as one of the best films of the trilogy, it can never escape meme-worthy quotes.

Scene vs. cameraman

“Spider-Man 2” expanded Peter’s grief over the death of Uncle Ben. He struggled with what it means to be a hero, and with the truth about how his uncle died — how he could have prevented it. He had kept it a secret from Aunt May for too long and finally decided to tell her.

This meme summarizes one of the most emotional scenes of the trilogy, pointing out what it was like for everyone to shoot this scene. Even the cameraman could be as emotional as the fans watching the scene.

Sad endings of Spider-Man

There is a common feature in all Spider-Man films: the film always ends with the tragic loss of Peter. (What a heartbreaking cliffhanger!) Raimi’s films managed to start this trend. The first film ends with a funeral, and in the second and third Peter experiences other losses.

This meme, published by Redditor Vord_Goldermort_7, indicates that Sam Raimi’s films have improved: that Peter can’t have a happy ending.

New Suit, New Peter

Much of Raimi’s third Spider-Man film shows a new, edgy side of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Having stumbled upon a new sample (Symbiote), Peter feels a surge of life; he even makes rash and selfish decisions. As his new self, he buys a new all-black suit and performs his now famous dance number.