Spice Girls shared a new version of the clip “Spice Up Your Life” with previously unknown frames


The release will take place before the release of a special anniversary edition of Spiceworld

Spice Girls shared a new version of their 1997 music video “Spice Up Your Life”, which features previously unreleased footage.

The release of the video is timed to coincide with the upcoming reissue of the band’s second album “Spiceworld”, which will turn 25 next month.

The new clip was created entirely from previously unreleased footage of the original “Spice Up Your Life” video, which was co-created by the Spice Girls team, UMR and Chris Fox from Bring It All Back.

Commenting on the upcoming re-release of “Spiceworld”, the Spice Girls stated in a recent statement: “The era of “Spiceworld” was such a fun time for us; we just released the number one album with Spice, we traveled all over the world and met with our wonderful fans, we released our second album and we had our own movie! Who would have thought?

“It’s crazy to think that 25 years have passed.”

Below you can see the track list of Spiceworld 25, compiled by the band itself.

“Spice up Your Life”
‘Too Many’
“Saturday Night Divas”
“Never Give Up On The Good Times”
“Move Over”
‘Do It’
“Viva Forever”
“Vampire Lady”
“Step To Me” (7 inch mix)
“Girls From Outer Space”
“Walk Through Life”
“Come To Me” (demo version)
“Too Much” (concert in Toronto, July 1998)
“Stop” (concert in Madrid, March 1998)
“Move Over” (concert in Istanbul, October 1997)
“Spice Up Your Life” (concert in Arnhem, March 1998)
“Viva Forever” (concert in Manchester, April 1998)
“Spice Up Your Life” (Morales Radio Mix)
“Stop” (Morales remix edit)
“Too Much” (SoulShock & Karlin Remix)
“Viva Forever” (John Themis Ambient mix)
“Step To Me” (extended mix)
“Spice Girls Party Mix”

Earlier this month, Mel C said that she and Mel B are pushing for the band to start performing again and are trying to convince Posh Spice, also known as Victoria Beckham, to join the band.



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