Spermbot: Meet The Nanorobot That Helps Lazy Sperm


Spermbot: A video shared by Twitter via the Weird Science account on September 21 has been successful and has raised questions about its veracity. The short film was also posted on Reddit, where it got 125,000 positive votes, and was associated with supposed proof of what the covid-19 vaccine can do in the human body.

The black and white images show a microscopic corkscrew-shaped helix that appeared to embrace a sperm, transport it, and ultimately drive the little swimmer against the wall of an egg.

A survey of the scientific literature reveals that video is nothing new. The recording took place within a German research that developed a nanorobot called a spermbot as an alternative for the treatment of male infertility. The study by researchers at the German Institute of Integrative Nanosciences was published in 2016 in the scientific journal Nano Letters.


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