Spelunky 2: the most hardcore video game of the decade


Spelunky 2 Review, available on PS4 and PC. We can affirm without fear of being wrong that it is the most difficult video game of the decade. And what a wonder!

A lot has happened since the launch of Spelunky HD, in 2012 (here you can read the analysis written at the time by our colleague Salva Fernández). But more has rained still since the launch of the original Spelunky, back in 2008. A dozen years later, in September 2020, Spelunky 2 arrives, a priori exclusive title on PlayStation 4 consoles, whose version is available for a couple of weeks before on PC. First of all, we want to tell you that the headline is not clickbait at all. Whoever writes these lines has seen and played a lot, and has also spent many hours on Spelunky on Xbox 360, achieving all his achievements. And this second part takes the original formula and twists it in such a way that the result is the most difficult video game not only of all 2020, but of the entire decade. There is nothing.

Spelunky 2 Review – Sadism Made Video Game

“More, and also better.” With this very concise phrase we could summarize, in general lines, what Spelunky 2 has seemed to us. This title takes everything that made its predecessor great, and, refining the formula even more if possible, takes it to a new level.

Let’s get down to business. Spelunky 2 is, like the original, a video game that mixes several genres; In essence it is a roguelike (random generation of levels and positioning of objects, dangers and enemies, permanent death) but with the presentation and the 2D platform game system. The scenarios, made up of modules, and always generated at random, follow a series of rules, the main one being that it is possible to get from the beginning of a level to its end following a “logical” path, without having to break through destroying the stage.

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Again, Spelunky 2 is about the latter that we discussed; We enter areas full of dangers, in which the objective is always to reach the exit of the level, located several floors below where we start each scenario. The grace of the game is precisely that, given the intrinsic randomness of the genre, there will never be two equal games, so its replayability is practically unlimited. If we die, and believe me, we will do it very often, it is time to start the adventure over from the beginning.


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