Spellforce III Reinforced Arrives on PlayStation and Xbox in December


Spellforce III has won over PC fans with its hybrid style of gameplay that mixes real-time strategy with RPG. Now, the game will have a revised and improved version coming to consoles as well. Spellforce III Reinforced arrives on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on December 7, revealed its producer, THQ Nordic.

PC players will obviously not be ignored. The new improved version of the game will be a free update for those who already play on the platform and, for those who don’t have the game, it will be the only one available to buy.

Unfortunately THQ Nordic didn’t go into details about what we can expect from this new version of Spellforce III compared to the original release. We only know the release date and we have the new trailer shown above, but it’s all done in pre-rendered animations.

Along with the Reinforced version of the game, will also arrive on December 7th its two expansions: Soul Harvest and Fallen God. Each one is sold separately for the suggested price of US$ 19.99, but can be purchased along with the main game at total value of $59.99.

Spellforce III was originally released in 2017 – also on December 7th – by THQ Nordic, being developed by Grimlore Games. The game currently has an average of 73 in its Metacritic reviews, so let’s see if the Enhanced version can also boost its rating.


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