Spellforce 3: Fallen God, analysis: a fight to survive


We analyze Spellforce 3: Fallen God, this new expansion presents us the tribe of trolls, with a story where the objective will be clear: to survive.

A few months ago, THQ Nordic and Grimlore Games announced what would be the launch of Spellforce 3: Fallen God, an extra pack in the form of an independent expansion of their flagship game, Spellforce 3. With its just launch on November 3 for PC, We have been able to check all the new content that it introduces, as well as a new faction, the trolls. The whole story will revolve around them, a misunderstood people struggling to survive in the new continent of Urgath and who keep their hopes to continue. In this game we will be able to experience a perfect mix between role-playing and real-time strategy, in an exciting narrative mix within a campaign that lasts about 20 hours, and with a multiplayer that will allow us to choose different options that complement individual game styles.

A misunderstood faction fighting for its life

The number of trolls is rapidly decreasing due to various diseases and many problems that are making it difficult for them to survive. Although their main objective is to stay safe, the corrupt poachers will not stop until they find their valuable fangs and finish them all. In fact, the leader of the tribe was killed by the elves and now his son, a young chief named Akrog, will have to find a way to save all his companions and, at the same time, find the way to salvation: resurrect a fallen god.

In this way, the responsibility will fall into our hands that all of them manage to maintain their lives on a long road to travel through various places, such as forests, caves, temples, among others. We will have to face terrible creatures that have appeared for no reason and with various troops that will become great threats to all of us, in addition to being persistent in their repeated attacks. Our gameplay will turn into an interesting and unusual synchronization of RTS and RPG, and we will be able to experience the strength and personality of a true troll.

Customize your tribe and choose your fighting style

Our character creation will be made up of a group of four trolls, of which we can only customize three, since one of them, Noag, will be added to our group later. His abilities will be immovable and the behavior of Akrog will influence the way of creation of this troll. The sections that allow us to modify will be the appearance and the class. Within the appearance we will have several aesthetic options to change according to taste, such as the head, the body, the haircut and accessories, although the application of these options will be practically invaluable. Also, a troll is a troll, we cannot pretend that there is much aesthetic variation between them.

In the case of the class, first of all we are going to give importance to the skill trees, since they are fundamental for the customization of our trolls. The video game gives us different types of skill trees or also known as talents. These are: Path of crushing things, gift of blood, path of throwing things, gift of ice and flames, gift of nature and gift of darkness. To get acquainted with some of them, for example, the gift of blood weakens its enemies with perfidious power and wounds them with pure power that it cannot stop; instead, the gift of darkness brings dead creatures back to life and fight by his side. Whichever you choose, do it carefully because they cannot be modified during the campaign. Additionally, each chosen tree will unlock different synergies with each troll’s individual tree.


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