Speeds up to 100 Mbps with the Starlink project, SpaceX


Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet project tests speeds of up to 100 Mbps with current satellites

Just hours ago the latest batch of Starlink satellites were launched for internet broadcasting and SpaceX revealed key details about the capabilities of the planned constellation, stating that the satellites have shown super low latency and download speeds in excess of 100Mbps.

The speeds are still not as fast as what SpaceX originally claimed for the constellation, but they are a bit faster than early user tests have shown. Starlink is SpaceX’s ambitious plan to launch nearly 12,000 satellites into low orbits around the Earth in order to provide broadband internet coverage to the Earth’s surface.

After today’s launch, SpaceX has put more than 700 satellites into orbit, more than the 400 needed to provide the initial operational capacity and close to the 800 needed to provide the significant operational capabilities.

This summer, SpaceX began the first beta tests of the constellation, and employees used Starlink to test download speeds, with which they have been collecting latency statistics and running standard speed tests of the system, according to the senior reliability engineer. of shows at SpaceX, Kate Tice, during today’s launch broadcast.

In this way, they have been checking how fast data travels from the satellites to their clients and back to the Internet again and the initial results have been rated as good.

Tice indicated that the download speeds were above 100 megabytes per second (MBps), however the statement appeared to be a mistake as SpaceX removed the tweet from his account to clarify that the download speeds were actually 100 megabits. per second (Mbps).

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On the other hand, Tice also explained that the latency speeds have been low enough to play the fastest online video games, and the download speed is fast enough to stream multiple HD movies at once and still have a surplus on the bandwidth.


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