Speedrunner Beats Ocarina of Time In Under 4 Minutes – In A Demo!


Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of Nintendo’s great classics that always has speedrunners trying to close the game in smaller and more absurd times. But the new record of the player known as Savestate draws attention not only for its speed – closing the game in less than 4 minutes – but also for having been achieved in the game’s demo!

Savestate used the demo for Ocarina of Time from Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Nintendo Wii. In the case of this demo we don’t have just a clipping of the game, but it’s all open for the player to enjoy for 5 minutes. For those who can beat the game in 3 minutes and 41 seconds, this limitation meant nothing.

The fact that it was a demo actually helped Savestate. As it is not the full version of the game, the demo starts already in Temple of Time, and already has several items in Link’s pocket that can help him complete the journey faster. There are so many differences that the speedrunner time, while still impressive, is not considered a record breaking for the full game speedrun, which continues at 6 minutes and 49 seconds.

Of course, these times, both in the demo and in the full game, refer to the “Any%” category of a speedrun. This means that the player should just finish the game as quickly as possible, being able to use bugs and glitches to skip entire parts.