Speed Brawl and Tharsis are free at the Epic Games Store


Speed Brawl: The Epic Games Store has renewed free games that you can activate for the next week, as it does every Thursday. This time, the titles that are available on the track are Speed ​​Brawl and Tharsis.

Speed ​​Brawl already says everything you need to know in the name: speed and smack. The idea of ​​the game is to keep a fast pace while playing, because the speed helps to strengthen your combos and skills. There are several characters to choose from and the game highlights the co-op.

Tharsis is a game with a proposal almost completely contrary to Speed ​​Brawl. It’s a strategy game for you to slow down and think before you act. It’s a turn-based game set in space and you’ll have to manage resources to survive and win. Cannibalism is an option.

Along with the renewal of free games for the week, we had the announcement of the next one: The Escapists. This is a very popular indie game that the Epic Games Store has already offered for free on a past occasion.

Epic Games free games are renewed every week and can only be activated on the PC. To enjoy, just have a store account and access the game page while logged in. The buy button for the free game is replaced by a “get”. Just click there and accept the terms that appear below to link the game to your library. Then it can be downloaded as many times as you like.


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