Specter Virus Attacks Intel Processors Again


Intel: Nobody likes to receive a terrible visit from a virus on their computer. Many people think that having the latest version of their antivirus is enough to protect their machine, but this is not always the case. Unfortunately there are always criminals who are willing to take advantage of each and every one of the cracks no matter how small they may be and in the end they end up returning ghosts from the past such as Spectre, which attacks Intel processors again.

Specter strikes again

Back in 2018, two viruses were detected that seemed terrible for all computers. Their names still resonate with many when it comes to Meltdown and Specter, the latter of which continues to wreak havoc. Let us remember that the procedure it had consisted of downloading and executing the malicious code on the computer, something that ended up hijacking and stealing the data.

The but of all is that it came to have an ‘evolution’ called NetSpectre, of which it seems that it has not been spoken of again. But this time it’s the Intel guys who have to work hard to mitigate the damage that Specter has caused. Apparently chip bugs have surfaced during testing showing that this virus still has a powerful reach today, but luckily Intel is working on them to mitigate them.

The mere fact of finding these errors in some tests is reason enough to look for a quick solution that protects all users.