Special Stand-up Comedy “Neil Brennan: The Blocks” Gets a Release Date on Netflix


EXCLUSIVE: Neil Brennan has a new comedy special called “Neil Brennan: The Blocks” on Netflix, which will be released worldwide on November 8th.

In his newest comedy, Neil Brennan moves physical blocks around the stage to explain the emotional and cultural issues that make him feel like there’s something wrong with him. From his complicated relationship with his dog Keith, drugs and alcohol, liberalism and his slim chances of finding true eternal love, Brennan gives viewers an honest and funny look at his psyche.

“Neil Brennan: The Blocks” was shot at Belasco in Los Angeles by director Derek Delguadio.

The new special edition on the streaming platform came after the success of his 3 Mics special released back in 2017. In 3 Mics, Brennan alternates between three microphones on stage. Brennan uses the first microphone to read witticisms from catalog cards, the second microphone is used to talk about fighting depression, and the third microphone is used to perform in his solo show.

Throughout his career, Brennan has gained recognition as a screenwriter of such shows as Singled Out (1995), All That (1996), Chappelle’s Show (2006), The Approval Matrix (2014), The Daily Show (2016) and Comedians of the World. (2019), among others. Brennan was mentioned three times as the writer of the program “Saturday Night Live”: once in 2016, when Dave Chappelle hosted, in 2017, when Aziz Ansari hosted, and in 2019, when Woody Harrelson hosted.


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