Special Page Created for EA Access on Steam


EA Access is the next step in cooperation between Electronic Arts and Steam. A page created for the service, which was recently announced to be coming to Steam, indicates that the service will be available in a very short time. EA fans will be delighted with both the price and the price of this service.

Electronic Arts (EA), one of the important names of the video game industry with Steam, the world’s most popular online gaming platform, has been in deep cooperation for a while. In fact, the first step of this collaboration was making EA games available on Steam. A new fruit of this collaboration has now been announced. In the statements made, it was stated that EA Access will come to Steam.

EA Access is a subscription service that offers an immersive experience for players who follow Electronic Arts closely. Gamers recently had the opportunity to access EA Access on game platforms such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and took advantage of this subscription service. The latest development shows that users playing games on Steam will also start accessing this service.

Users who subscribed to EA Access on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One had the opportunity to access the company’s games before and experience them before making any payments. Moreover, players who signed up for this subscription system could benefit from EA’s special discounts and experience exclusive content in games. Users will now have the opportunity to have these advantages over Steam.

Some players feel that after subscribing to EA Access, they will be able to access all of EA’s games for free. However, this is not true. Users have to buy new games offered by EA, even if they subscribe to EA Access. This service allows you to experience a new game for up to 10 hours apart from special offers. Also, after purchasing a game you have tried, you continue the game where you left off. So their progress is not lost.

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EA Access, which has been accessible on Origin until now on the PC platform but could not achieve the desired effect, will soon be available on Steam. With Steam, EA developers will access this service with a page they create on Steam. So, how will the pricing of Access subscriptions on Steam, which you can access using the link found here?


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