Special coronavirus treatment applied for Donald Trump


Due to the increasing coronavirus cases, many famous people also announced that they were infected with the virus. These include footballers and actresses / actors as well as country presidents. Donald Trump is one of the presidents who caught the virus. US President Donald Trump, who recently announced that he was caught in the coronavirus on Twitter, is now under treatment. According to the latest information, a new coronavirus treatment is being implemented for Donald Trump.

Despite being sick, Donald Trump even went out to greet his fans with his vehicle.

Donald Trump gets a new coronavirus treatment

President Donald Trump, who stated that he had contracted COVID-19 in the past days, first started to receive dexamethasone treatment, a type of corticosteroid drug. A study conducted in June found that patients taking this drug had a significantly reduced chance of dying from the coronavirus. The World Health Organization recommends this drug only to severe and critical coronavirus patients.

This tells us that Donald Trump’s situation is critical in the first place. In addition, doctors recently announced that the oxygen level in Trump’s blood had dropped and he needed extra oxygen. After the oxygen level decreased, remdesivir drug treatment was started for Trump, which is used in ebola disease. However, this will not be enough that an unprecedented coronavirus treatment has begun to be implemented for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, 74, with a weight problem, is in the serious risk group. For this reason, Trump was given a state-of-the-art antibody treatment that has never been applied, approved, and completely experimental for any Americans before. The treatment developed by Regeneron is designed to mimic a strong immune system and is produced to prevent serious cases.

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After all these treatments, doctors stated yesterday morning that Trump could get up from his bed and walk. Later on Sunday, Donald Trump got into his car and greeted the public. It is obvious that the treatments applied give positive results.


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