Sparkling Maeva Ghennam in her Louis Vuitton mini dress!


Maeva Ghennam has struck again! The star of the Marseillais took the pose with a total Louis Vuitton look very sexy! We show you …

Maeva Ghennam continues to wow internet users! The pretty brunette shared a sexy new look on her Instagram page. And Internet users have not remained indifferent … Quickly discover her nice shot!

When it comes to turning up the heat on the canvas, Maeva Ghennam never does things by halves! Indeed, the bomb loves to titillate her fans by posting sensual photos.

The it girl never hesitates to show off her strengths with sexy little outfits. So it is not uncommon to see her in lingerie or with hot outfits!

Internet users are therefore more and more numerous to follow it to take full eyes. They are not at the end of their surprises!

Yesterday, Maeva Ghennam made the buzz again by sharing her look of the day! The young woman improvised a small shoot in her garden to announce a competition. And her outfit quickly caught the eye of Internet users!

The star fell in love with a Louis Vuitton denim mini dress. She thus reveals her legs and XXL cleavage without complex!


Maeva Ghennam has also added some accessories from the brand to complement her look. She wears a belt to mark her hourglass figure. We love !

The sultry brunette also approaches a blue bag to match her outfit. No doubt, the bomb didn’t do things by halves for this fashion shot!

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Internet users loved the trendy style of Maeva Ghennam. They are more than 130,000 to like her shot in just a few hours. Unbelievable !

The fashionista was also entitled to hundreds of compliments. Like what, the latter continues to fascinate the web with its glamorous and sexy style!


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