Spanish translation of Disco Elysium finished


The team after the Spanish localization of Disco Elysium confirms that it has already finished its work. In his words, the translation will come “soon”.

The team behind the localization of Disco Elysium to Spanish has already finished its work. This has been confirmed by the official account of the translation through the social network Twitter. In the same message they indicate that it will arrive “soon” to the success of ZA / UM.

According to the same account, they will continue “to make improvements in the translation in the face of errors.” That is, once it arrives via update, the work will not finish in order to polish the problems that may appear.

Despite the fact that the project was born in Clan DLAN, the team clarifies that they decided to “stay on the sidelines for various reasons.” “This is why the amount of information that has been received during the project in Clan Dlan has been little, and that is how we wanted it to be, because it was the best for everyone. Especially taking into account that there is a contract involved ”, they explain.

Despite the changes, they maintain a collaboration with the web that is directly reflected in the credits.


The story began last October 2019. Some of the original members of the original translation sent messages to ZA / UM to make their work official, but received no response. “ZA / UM does not respond to any of us who try to contact them. We are currently investigating on our own if we can carry out the unofficial translation, but it will take time ”, they commented on the forum itself.

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Everything would change in April of this year, when the news broke: “A very important direct member of the ZA / UM studio has contacted me to convert our unofficial translation into the official Disco Elysium translation from now on,” he announces. “This means that our translation will officially become part of the current languages ​​that the game has (English and Simplified Chinese), and that our language will be selectable in the drop-down list of the options menu instead of installing the patch in a non-standard way. official”.


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