Spain Will Have More 5G Coverage Thanks To The New Europe Plan


5G: He mobile coverage is something that has to reach every corner of our country sooner or later. The different service providers are looking for a way to achieve this and the project goes hand in hand with the so-called UNICO Plan. But there is still a lot of work ahead and a way to help all the infrastructure improvement continue to work comes from the hand of Europe and its plan to help Spain improve its 5G coverage.

More 5G in Spain

Everyone is excited to have 5G in their pockets. Not long ago we have started to see phones with this new standard, one that has yet to improve its deployment in our country. For this, there must be a telecommunications infrastructure powerful enough to supply all parts of our country with coverage.

The problem that existed until today is that the aid only reached the passive networks and not the active ones and this will change with the new European regulations. And it is that today the regulations invited to install 5G in areas where 4G cabling did not exist, which also produced certain problems when dealing with areas with few inhabitants with maximum power and others with more with 4G technology.

This project has not yet been definitively approved, but there is no doubt that this project will be positive for everyone. Of course, the Government now has to redo the entire aid program in order to benefit up to a total of 70,000 parcels with about 170,000 inhabitants. The funds will be used to install equipment such as towers, cabling and antennas and, as if that were not enough, this will help more operators to launch the calls to be the ones that offer the 5G service to those populations.