Spain will be a world pioneer in broadcasting at 8K


For some time now, the main TV brands have 8K models on the market, and in fact the last broadcast classic, Real Madrid – Barcelona last March, was filmed using three 8K cameras, being the first LaLiga match filmed to such resolution. The 8K will come, and its use will be standardized, exactly as it has happened with 4K, and with Full HD resolution, HD Ready, etc.

Spain, the world’s first 8K broadcast

The RTVE Chair at the Polytechnic University of Madrid will take the lead in a few hours by launching the first pilot broadcast worldwide of UHD 8K signal in DVB-T2. It will be this Wednesday, October 21 at 10 am when that happens. For the capture of the signal we have had the collaboration of SONY, and for the post-production of the signal with that of SGO.

In this first emission of the UHD 8K signal, Dolby AC-4 has been used as the audio format to “ensure the delivery of the highest quality audio”. The visualization of the signal will be carried out by Samsung, which has prepared a Samsung QLED 8K model adapted for the occasion. And following the recommendations and appropriate security measures due to the COVID-19 situation, a blended event will be organized.

How to watch the 8K test live

In an event that will last just under 1 hour, a presenter will conduct brief interviews with a small number of participants on a set, who will explain the technical characteristics of the broadcast pilot. The signal will be broadcast from the TV headend of the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineers of the UPM, located in the University City of Madrid, on channel 44 of the UHF, “temporarily assigned to the RTVE Chair at the UPM by the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures – SETID – for its test broadcasts ”.

If you want to follow the event, you can do it remotely thanks to the streaming signal provided by the Official Institute of RTVE at the link If you have a 4K TV compatible with DVB-T2 you will be able to see the 8K signal broadcast, although obviously you will see it at 4K at the top of your screen.


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