Spain recognizes delivery people as app employees


The Spanish Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday (23) that the deliverers of Glovo, a food delivery and product delivery company, are employees and not self-employed. The case could have repercussions worldwide, and pave the way for other application workers to start demanding formal employment and benefits contracts.

In the decision, the judges pointed out that the company has exclusive control over the indispensable application to connect delivery and local commerce, that is, the owners of the application have the assets to perform the service. Spanish magistrates understand that the company cannot be considered a mere mediator, since it is she who defines the conditions for the delivery to happen.

Spain’s supreme court decision followed the understanding of two regional courts, in two cases involving Glovo itself and Britain’s Deliveroo.

Glovo, a Spanish company that operated in Brazil until March 2019, argued that it is only an intermediary between restaurants and delivery people, and understands that they are autonomous.

The delivery company issued a statement in which it says it respects the decision of the country’s highest court of justice, but expects the government and the European Union to establish regulatory guidelines. “Glovo firmly believes that this regulation should be promoted based on the dialogue between all those involved”, he concludes.


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