Spain is one of the countries that costs Netflix the most


There are three Netflix plans, Basic, Standard and Premium, designed for the user who does not mind watching content in SD -or that is better for his connection-, for those who seek HD quality, or for those who want to enjoy Netflix at 4K and on various devices. But, the big question: Do you think Netflix is ​​expensive here in Spain? And the answer would be “yes it is”, at least according to data from a comparative study.

The website and comparator Comparitech has drawn up a comparison between Netflix subscriptions, catalog, quality and price around the world. And in reference to Spain, its mention has not been to fit in the lists of countries in which the subscription is cheaper, nor in those with the highest content in the catalog. No, not exactly those.

Netflix is ​​more expensive in Spain

In the Comparitech report, one of the sections deals with the difference in prices between countries, and how in some subscriptions to the service are much more expensive than in others. Thus, if for example you live in Switzerland, you are paying 38.7, 42.3 or 42.9% more than the average for a Basic, Standard or Premium plan respectively. And if we compare it with markets such as Brazil, precisely the country where it is cheaper to subscribe to Netflix, we see that the difference is much more pronounced.

As for the Basic plan, Spain is not on the list, but if we go to the Standard plan, Spain is the 5th country in the Top 10 of the countries with the most expensive Netflix, costing € 11.99 here. And in the Premium Plan list, we dropped to 8th place but we are still in the Top 10 paying € 15.99.

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