SpaceX’s Tesla Roadster Takes First Close Flight to Mars


The Tesla Roadster vehicle SpaceX sent to space on February 6, 2018 with the world’s most powerful rocket Falcon Heavy, and the Starman inside, finally made its first close flight to the red planet.

The Tesla Roadster spacecraft, which was launched into space in 2018 with the partnership of SpaceX and Tesla companies, which are at least as crazy as Elon Musk himself, reached Mars after 2.5 years. Tesla Roadster, which SpaceX sent into space with the Falcon Heavy, the world’s most powerful rocket, and Starman, which was in it, reached Mars yesterday.

Tesla Roadster, which made its first close pass by approaching 8 million kilometers to Mars, covered a total of 2.1 billion kilometers on its 975-day journey. The car, which continuously increases its speed in this process, continues to travel at a speed of 28 thousand kilometers per hour. You can follow the journey of Tesla Roadster and the driver of this car, Starman, live at

SpaceX said on Twitter on October 8, “The Starman, whom we last saw when leaving Earth, made its first close pass to Mars today – it came close to the red planet by 0.05 astronomical units, or about 5 million miles,” he said.

Sent into space with the world’s most powerful rocket

With this launch in 2018, companies owned by Elon Musk brought an ad that could not be bought for billions of dollars to the Tesla brand. Falcon Heavy, a rocket created by combining 3 Falcon 9 rockets, of SpaceX, which is also a company of its own, had tested this huge propulsion power to take a Roadster into space. Moreover, after this launch, we had the chance to see two rockets landing at the same time, one of the most special moments in the space field.

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We expect to see photos of the Roadster and Starman around Mars in the coming days. We will continue to keep you informed as new information about the journey becomes available.


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