SpaceX’s Dragon Spacecraft Returns to Earth After Delivering Cargo


SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft returned to Earth after one month of cargo delivery. The NASA International CRS-19 spacecraft carrying 2 thousand 585 kilograms of cargo to the International Space Station landed in the Pacific Ocean.

SpaceX Dragon CRS-19 has returned to Earth after one month of cargo delivery. Dragon CRS-19, commissioned by NASA to transport materials to the International Space Station (ISS), delivered a total load of 2 thousand 285 kilograms to the station.

Dragon CRS-19 landing on the Pacific Ocean has been completed successfully. Luca Parmitano, one of the astronauts of the European Space Agency and currently the leader of the Expedition 61 team at the ISS, said they were honored to work with the Dragon CRS-19.

The Dragon CRS-19 was on SpaceX’s 19th replenishment mission to NASA:
The Cygnus-12 spacecraft, a vehicle built by Northrop Grumman at the time of Dragon’s departure from the ISS, is said to affect the solar installation. It is said that the explosions created by the Dragon’s jets used to leave shook the solar panels. The NASA’s 19th replenishment mission may have caused damage to this mission.

The Cygnus-12 and the Dragon vehicle arrived at the ISS in November and were located at separate ports of the station. NASA’s bus-sized Destiny module separates these two ports. Destiny, 8.5 meters tall. NASA Johnson Space Center spokesman Dan Huot, Cygnus-12’nin closely monitored the situation and want to make sure everything is fine, he said.

Test equipment sent to the station:
Dragon CRS-19, which began its journey on December 5th, was in orbit with the ISS three days later. Among the 38 different experiments carried by the spacecraft, there were experiments to examine the weight and muscle loss in space and how Budweiser explored barley seeds in space.

SpaceX and Northrop Grumman signed billions of dollars with NASA to transport cargo. Dragon and Cygnus spacecraft are flying the two companies. The Dragon CRS-19 had visited the ISS twice before.

In addition to the unmanned Dragon, SpaceX has also built the Crew Dragon spacecraft that will carry an astronaut for NASA. The first crewed flight with Crew Dragon is expected this year. The use of the vehicle was postponed due to a problem in the emergency escape system test. The new test is expected on January 18th.


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