SpaceX wants to offer phone services to income families


SpaceX, led by tycoon Elon Musk, is planning telephone services over the Internet Starlink, according to a report released by the company. The startup made a request to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a telecommunications regulatory institution in the United States, asking for authorization to use the broadband network.

According to the document presented by Musk, users will be able to use the conventional telephone to make calls using Starlink’s broadband. The idea is to offer cheaper plans through the government’s Lifeline program, which subsidizes communication services for low-income families in the United States.

SpaceX has also indicated that it will sell VoIP services – technology that allows voice calls over the internet – which include “(a) voice level access to the public switched telephone network (‘PSTN’) or its functional equivalent; (b) minutes of local use service provided at no additional cost to end users; (c) access to emergency services; and (d) toll limitation services for qualified low-income consumers “.

According to the report, the company will also be able to offer Starlink users a battery with a 24-hour charge, allowing customers to make calls even without electricity.


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