SpaceX to Apply Its Own Laws on Mars


Mars is technically an independent planet and therefore does not need to follow the rules of other planets. SpaceX, who wants to colonize the red planet, will also make its own laws.

The robot law that Isaac Asimov wrote for the “I, Robot” series has somehow become the basic laws of robot development today. Although Asimov was not a robot manufacturer, he was the main rule maker.

SpaceX, on the other hand, is a company with the goal of colonizing space, and it looks like they will make their own rules for Mars colonies. These “principles of self-management” will prevail in the first Mars colony.

Explanation in Starlink rules

SpaceX quietly placed its statement among the rules of use of the new Starlink satellite broadband internet service. In the rules, it was stated that “The parties will recognize Mars as a free planet and no Earth-centered authority or government will have a say on Martian activities in transit through Mars by services provided on Mars, by Starship or other colonial vehicles.”

It also stated, “Accordingly, in the time of the Mars colony, problems will be resolved according to the principles of self-management established on the basis of goodwill.” In other words, the colony to be established on Mars will be independent.

Although it is a little strange to explain the future plans of the broadband internet connection service’s terms of use, this may be a very valid reason. In the future, Mars colonies will likely need the communication Starlink satellites provide with Earth.

Musk’s goal is 2024

It was previously stated that Elon Musk was targeting the date 2024 to start the first unmanned Mars missions. Last week, it was announced that the company plans to start acid tests to build a self-sufficient city….

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