SpaceX Takes New Starship Prototype On Launch Pad


According to the shared photos, SpaceX took the Starship SN9 rocket to the launch pad, where it will soon begin flight tests. When the test will take place will depend somewhat on COVID-19 measures.

In a report we shared with you in the past weeks, we stated that SpaceX performed a high-altitude flight test with the Starship rocket with serial number 8, the rocket crashed and exploded at the end of the test, yet Elon Musk accepted the test as “successful”.

SpaceX has begun preparing the Starship SN9 for high-altitude flight testing just two weeks after the Starship SN8’s spectacular explosion. According to Michael Baylor of, SpaceX has launched the new Starship prototype on the launch pad and is preparing for the next test.

SpaceX counts down for Starship SN9 tests

Elon Musk stated that the test was successful after the explosion of Starship SN8 and used the expressions “We got all the data we need”. It looks like SpaceX really has all the information about where they’re doing well and where they’re having trouble, and now starts a countdown to the next test.

Regardless, it should be noted that there is no exact date for when SpaceX will perform the high-altitude flight test of the Starship SN9. However, it is stated that it is unlikely that the test will be performed before the new year due to the tightening COVID-19 measures in the USA. Since Starship will play a key role in mankind’s going to Mars, studies on the new giant rocket are closely followed by all space agencies, especially NASA.

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