SpaceX Successfully Sent 60 Starlink Satellites to Space


Elon Musk’s extraordinary space transportation company SpaceX took another concrete step for the project of wrapping the earth’s surroundings with satellites. With the second of the 24 flights planned for 2020, a Falcon 9 rocket carried 60 Starlink satellites into Earth orbit.

42 thousand interconnected satellites surrounding the world and very close to the ground; Cheap and unprecedented high-speed wireless internet connection through these satellites… 240 satellites in the Starlink project, which Elon Musk started to implement with SpaceX recently, are now in Earth orbit.

SpaceX increased the number of orbiting satellites to 180 with its last flight on January 6, 2020. The total number of 60 satellites sent on January 29 (today) has reached 240. Aiming to reach 42,000 satellites in total, the company will launch an average of 2 launches each month for the next 5 to 6 years.

The delivery of 60 Starlink satellites via the Falcon 9 rocket was broadcast live:

Returning back to earth, the Falcon 9 rocket will be used in the next Starlink launch. SpaceX wants to position 1,320 small satellites in total, with 22 different launches this year. In the coming years, the number of these flights will be increased and reached thousands of satellite locations.

All Starlink satellites will be connected to each other wirelessly. With this satellite network close to the world, high speed internet access will be possible in every region of the earth. At least this is the vision of Elon Musk and SpaceX. However, in order for Starlink to be successful, it is necessary to obtain permission from international and supranational institutions and to compete with world giant internet service providers.