SpaceX Starlink internet speed tests appeared!


Starlink is one of the craziest projects of Elon Musk, who managed to completely change the future of the automobile industry with Tesla. The first results / internet speed tests of the project, which caused both great excitement and great controversy, emerged. We say great excitement, because it is aimed to reach a speed of 1 Gbps with Starlink, which will make internet access possible worldwide.

The subject that causes controversy is the pollution of space. Although 600 satellites have been sent so far, the Starlink project will operate with 12 thousand satellites when fully operational. It is stated that these will form a satellite dump in space.

SpaceX Starlink internet speed tests surprised!

Internet speeds obtained with Starlink, which is expected to be operational towards the end of 2020, were revealed through

SpaceX Starlink internet hız testleri şaşırttı!

When we look at the test results shared on Reddit, we see that the highest score achieved is 60 Mbps download and 17.70 Mbps upload speed. Ping time is at the level of 42 ms. You know, 1 Gbps speed? We seem to hear you say, no need to worry about it. Because we are still in the first phase of the project.

As we mentioned above, there are only 600 satellites in low earth orbit at the moment, when 12000 satellites are reached, the project will be fully operational. So time is needed to reach a speed of 1 Gbps.

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