SpaceX Sets Two Records With Today’s Starlink Mission

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL - APRIL 8: In this handout provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket makes its first successful upright landing on the "Of Course I Still Love You" droneship on April 8, 2016 some 200 miles off shore in the Atlantic Ocean after launching from Cape Canaveral, Florida. (Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

SpaceX, the most successful space company of recent years, broke two records with the Falcon 9 rocket used in the Starlink mission it performed today. The Falcon 9 was the most used rocket and the most returning rocket to Earth. The mission was also SpaceX’s 100th mission.

SpaceX, the most successful space company of today, would undertake a new mission within the scope of the company’s project Starlink, which aims to offer internet connectivity to the world. However, although the mission to be done today was the same as the other Starlink missions, it also had a special point.

SpaceX, which will carry 58 more Starlink satellites to our orbit using the Falcon 9 rocket, would have broken two different records if this mission was successfully completed. The company would break the record for the most used rocket with the Falcon 9 rocket launched for the 6th time today, and the most returning rockets to Earth if the Falcon 9 managed to return to Earth safely.

Records were broken:

SpaceX’s new Starlink mission started successfully today at 17:31. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket took off for the 6th time, earning the title of the most used rocket. Falcon 9, which landed successfully on SpaceX’s ‘Of Course I Still Love You’ drone ship in the following minutes, broke the record for the second most returning rocket.

In the mission that SpaceX broke two records, Starlink satellites were not the only load of Falcon 9. The rocket carried 3 satellites of Planet Labs with it. Before the Falcon 9 body, Planet Labs satellites, then 58 new satellites that joined the Starlink network were released.

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Today’s Starlink mission was spiritual as well as records for SpaceX. The mission, which carried 58 Starlink and 3 Planet Labs satellites into orbit with the Falcon 9 rocket, became the 100th space mission in SpaceX’s history. SpaceX, which successfully completed the mission and placed satellites in orbit, managed to reach a touchstone in its history.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket’s agenda is quite full in the coming weeks. The rocket will orbit an Argentine satellite, which is actually scheduled to launch in 2019, later this month. The rocket will then be on the next Starlink mission in September.


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