SpaceX sends 143 satellites with Falcon 9 rocket


SpaceX managed to beat the world record for the number of satellites sent into space in a single launch. This Sunday at 12pm, Elon Musk’s company sent a total of 143 satellites to a Falcon 9.

The feat occurred at the Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40), located at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida (USA). It was broadcast live on YouTube, via the official SpaceX channel. You can watch all the following details:

The Transporter-1 mission is part of a company cost reduction program, called SmallSat Rideshare. The intention is that the airline can deliver cheaper space access to small satellite companies.

So, instead of getting their own rocket to send their objects into space – something that would cost a lot more -, they can have a “ride” from Elon Musk’s company to complete the objective.

The realization happened just now, but it was previously scheduled to happen in December last year. The bad weather demanded several postponements, until it was possible this Sunday.

According to Harvard astronomer and satellite tracking expert Jonathan McDowell, SpaceX has succeeded in launching more satellites into space in the past 16 days than the entire world in any year before 2013. Will Musk’s company or any other overcome this feat? in the future? Something that only time will tell us.

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